What is Implementation of Policies – Procedures – Reports?

Implementation is bringing physically elements of a strategy into place. In projects different policies, procedures and reports need to be brought to life.

In order to do so adequately, the project manager or his delegate has to explain and communicate these policies, procedures and reports to the team onsite including all involved 3rd parties.

The most suitable platform for this implementation is the site works kick-off meeting. This will set up the right tone, expectations and will clarify misunderstandings.

The implementation process has a dedicated timeline. The team needs to provide their feedback to achieve the required understanding. It is therefore imperative to set certain behavior standards and expectations, which every team member needs to accept.

The roles and responsibilities for the implementation and frequency of accurate report writing, approval and distribution will be clarified.

The project manager has the duty to regularly monitor and check the status compared with the agreed implementation timeline.

It is important to understand that all team members will have to follow the policies, procedures and issuing of completed reports.  Consequences of not doing so will be discussed and explained during the site kick-off meeting.

Reinforcement and repeated communication of the policies, procedures and reports will remain a constant activity as applicable.