What is a Cold Eyes Review?

A Cold Eyes review is a common practice in construction projects, in which an outside party such as DesignPro is given the responsibility to assess an issue such as a design, project feasibility, execution plan, or something else entirely.

Cold Eyes Reviews can be applied for many different activities especially during the pre-construction and project execution phase.

  • Project-readiness
  • Constructability review
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Project organization review
  • Project schedule review
  • Module design review
  • Cost/Schedule assessment

In many cases subject matter experts for a Cold Eyes Review can be identified within the company’s organisation but more often the experts are coming from third party firms. It is however most important that these experts and firms are not part of the project team.

Many projects in their delivery processes work with a gate process,” go/no-go” for its different phases, because these gates are usually related to funding when entering into the next phase. Cold Eyes Reviews are a process tool to verify the status of a gate.

In a construction project the concern may be the feasibility of completion by a certain date.

  1. The goal could be developing or assessing milestones for completion and evaluation of the feasibility of completing the project within the desired schedule.
  2. Assessing resource allocations and the input from contractors and subcontractors on costs, assumptions, constraints or schedules, and design specifications for the project.
  3. A review could identify interface conflicts, risks or alternative methods (such as SIMPOS)

Recommendations of a Cold Eye Review would be recorded, presented and discussed in the Cold Eye Review Report

How can a Cold Eyes review help you?

Cold Eyes Review is an unbiased analysis of any process, conducted by our professional team with multi functional experiences and competencies.

The primary advantage is the perspective that is brought in by DesignPro as the outside 3rd party.

In projects there are always the challenges of improvement, mitigating risks and finding more cost effective alternatives. By utilizing the Cold Eyes review process, you can bring in new ideas, alternative solutions and increase the level of confidence, throughout the specific phases of your project.

Let us help you to look at your new project!