What is an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)?

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is an important component of the overall WHSE Management Plan.

It comprises of industrial activities with defined roles and responsibilities associated with the pre-construction and construction execution of the project. Depending on the location of the construction project, the EMP requires approval and permits by the local Government, or governmental representing agencies.

During authority assessments of the ERP, issues will be addressed to the owner ranging from human health and sanitation to avoidance of contamination, impact preventative measures, protection or restoration of for example, soil, air, water, aquifers, flora and fauna.

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is an important integration document between the various approvals stages, authorisation acts and permits issued for specific equipment, processes and site activities prior and during their undertaking.

These approvals are critical

  • for the project viability during planning phase
  • for managing the level of constraints and associated actions a during the project execution phase

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