What is a Work Pack?


Work Packs simplify the work from conception through to operations.

The term Work Pack (WP) is well known and accepted in the construction Industry. WP has developed in an environment where there are many different types of construction activities that have different needs.

The basic premise of work packing is that all aspects of a Construction Project, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning are broken down into well-defined manageable instructions that can be executed, budgeted, measured and controlled per identified subsystem.

Work Packs will be an essential part for the sequential handover process from construction to pre-commissioning and to commissioning which can only happen with the completion of the documentation and proper sign off by the responsible persons.

Traditionally the management of work packs was a manual process. But now with the implementation of completions software like ProjecTools this process can be fully automated


Work Packs are created for each discipline within each system or subsystem as determined by the project

They include descriptions of specific tasks, detailed instructions and documentation about to how to complete the job, all the related drawings; it defines roles and responsibilities and sets out safety requirements and inspection procedures.