What is Pre-Commissioning?

Pre-Commissioning involves the verification of the functional operability of elements within the defined systems or sub-system of the project once they have reached mechanical completion in readiness for the Commissioning and Start-up operation. This phase is often referred to as Dry Commissioning, in which tests and procedures are conducted without the introduction of feedstock, solvents, process fluids or gases to the plant or its sub-systems.

Sometimes the pre-commissioning activities are contractually part of the EPC general contractor and at other times it falls under the authority of the commissioning team.

The pre-commissioning activities include for example:

  • Flushing and cleaning
  • Pressure testing
  • Loop tests and bump tests
  • P&ID checks
  • Inspection of equipment and piping installation
  • Checking of systems, units and sub-systems against design requirements
  • Utility readiness
  • Simulations

It is a good industry practice that at the pre-commissioning phase the future plant operation and maintenance team is available to work with the project team for training and familiarisation of the new systems and facility.

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