What are Human Resources?

Three categories of project resources are essential for a project to be executed and completed on time and on budget.

Project resources are the cornerstones to successfully manage a project and defined as:

  • People (Human Resources)
  • Capital (Funding) and
  • Materials, Equipment, Utilities and Supplies

Human Resources according to PMBOK® is one of the nine (9) disciplines in project management and likely to be the most complex one.

To identify the right persons for the project is the key driver for project success. It is desirable to establish a projectised organisation, which means that all persons in the team only work on the project and do not have any other operational responsibilities.

The three (3) golden rules for a project leader are:

  • “Hire not only the best people for the job but the right people!”
  • Ensure that you do not only have competent people but that their behaviour structure fits.
  • Give the hired individuals the opportunity to become a team and lead by example and with integrity.

In addition, most projects require the engagement of different subject matter experts at different project phases. Plan for it!