Documentation Services

When your business focuses on efficiency, cost minimization, and speed-to-market, creating lots of documentation can seem counterproductive. If the documentation doesn’t directly support a deliverable, why do it?

Project documentation covers documents created during and for the project itself. Examples include the overall project vision, the project plans, the schedule, and the risk analysis. The documentation process has a deeper purpose than merely creating piles of paper.

The essential functions of project documentation are to ensure:

  • Fulfillment of Project requirements
  • Traceability and auditability of
  • what has been done?
  • who has done it?
  • who has authorized it?
  • when it has been done?

DesignPro can help your project to create clear and functioning project specific documentation. Keeping documentation updated helps to measure progress.

  • Documentation stimulates and structures critical thinking in planning the project’s goals, risks, and constraints. The document is the evidence and chronicle of this critical thinking.
  • It provides memory containers for managing a level of detail that cannot be kept in people’s heads. This includes the small details easily overlooked during day-to-day project work, as well as the larger things easily remembered today, but potentially lost or forgotten due to the passage of time or critical personnel changes.
  • It keeps the team and other stakeholders synced up and informed about project changes, issues, and progress.

Project documentation covers all documents established during and for the project. Examples are as follows:

  • Project Charter
  • Project Plans
  • Schedule, WBS Structure
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk and Issue logs
  • Reporting
  • Drawings
  • Project related policies and processes
  • Change management
  • All kinds of reviews

With more than 60 years of experience in the oil & gas, mining, construction and industrial gas industries, DesignPro provides you with professional project documentation and site services customised to meet all your technical and management requirements